Remember the days when we travelled and we wrote a journal, sent postcards. We took pictures, which we had to wait until we got home to develop. When Tsunami Adventures first opened in 1999, we used to even sell Film for manual underwater dive cameras. We used to rent these cameras to guests who dove the Blue Hole. We made our bathroom a dark room. Well I can definately say, this new product has finally made taking underwater photos so much fun and easy to instantly upload your underwater pics to facebook or your travel blog or email your friends and family.

Tsunami Adventures has the new WATERSHOT for iphone 4 and iphone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy 4.

Your phone fits inside securely and waterproof. Depth rated to 195 feet for the samsung galaxy and depth rated to 130 feet for the iphone 4 and 5.

underwater iphone watershot


watershot samsung galaxy

watershot samsung galaxy

These cases are very popular, so reserve yours now.
Special discount price when you book a snorkeling tour with Tsunami.
Stop by and check out this new amazing product.

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